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KC Joyner, AKA The Football ScientistKC Joyner, aka The Football Scientist®, is one of the pioneers of the analytical football revolution. He has been a regular contributor to's NFL and Fantasy Football Insider sections and ESPN The Magazine since 2005 and added college football & NFL Draft duties in 2009. He authored Blindsided, Why The Left Tackle is Overrated and Other Contrarian Football Thoughts and the Scientific Football book series and has written and published annual fantasy football draft guides since 2004.


Dr. Z week at the MMQB

June 27, 2016

Peter King is hosting a Dr. Z week on the MMQB site. He gives an update on Paul and his wife Linda and shares some excerpts from some of Z's great stories. Most importantly, there is a GoFundMe link to help Paul and Linda out in their time of need. On Friday, July 1, Dr. Z week will include a story about the influence he had on my career, both professionally (I wouldn't have a career without Dr. Z's article on Scientific Football 2005) and personally (he gave me some terrific career advice). It was an honor to contribute to this project and I hope it pays proper tribute to Dr. Z.

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