June 27, 2016


Dr. Z week at the MMQB

Peter King is hosting a Dr. Z week on the MMQB site. He gives an update on Paul and his wife Linda and shares some excerpts from some of Z's great stories. Most importantly, there is a GoFundMe link to help Paul and Linda out in their time of need.

On Friday, July 1, Dr. Z week will include a story about the influence he had on my career, both professionally (I wouldn't have a career without Dr. Z's article on Scientific Football 2005) and personally (he gave me some terrific career advice). It was an honor to contribute to this project and I hope it pays proper tribute to Dr. Z.

May 28, 2014


Chicago Bears could ride Jay Cutler's breakthrough to the playoffs

This TFS ESPN Insider article examines how Marc Trestman helped Jay Cutler cut down on his bad decisions and why the Chicago Bears may have the top passing attack in the NFC North in 2014.

2014 AFC Predictions

This TFS ESPN video (non-Insider) was hosted by Antonietta Collins and detailed the TFS picks for AFC favorite (New England) and AFC sleeper (Pittsburgh).

TFS April 17, 2014 ESPN SportsNation chat

This TFS ESPN SportsNation chat revolved mostly around fantasy football, with many keeper questions taking center stage.
April 11, 2014


Why New York Giants will make the playoffs in 2014

This TFS ESPN Insider article makes the case for why the New York Giants will be a playoff team in 2014. Key personnel upgrades at two positions, along with some improved luck (particularly for Eli Manning), will fuel the turnaround.

TFS April 10, 2014 ESPN SportsNation chat

This TFS ESPN SportsNation chat saw a potpourri of questions on fantasy football, the NFL and the NFL Draft.
April 04, 2014


Why Washington Redskins are still a last-place team

This TFS ESPN Insider article details why despite several offseason signings, the Washington Redskins still look like the NFC East's last-place team.
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