Washington Huskies' chance at making playoff

This TFS ESPN Insider article examines the Washington Huskies' chances of making the inaugural 2014 college football playoff.

TFS talking college football with Paul Finebaum

Paul Finebaum discussed the latest college football news and talked with KC Joyner about the fatal flaws for Georgia, South Carolina, LSU and Texas A&M. This link is not via Insider and can be accessed by those with or without an ESPN Insider account.

Fatal flaw for Ohio State Buckeyes, playoff contenders

This TFS ESPN Insider article examines the fatal flaw for eight College Football Playoff contenders, including Ohio State and Clemson.

Auburn's Corey Grant among prospects poised for big seasons in 2014

This TFS ESPN Insider article offers up five college players who are poised to increase their NFL draft stock with a strong 2014 season.

TFS May 15, 2014 SportsNation chat

This TFS ESPN SportsNation chat included some interesting fantasy football questions and answers. A very fun hour of chatting!

2014 AFC Predictions

This TFS ESPN video (non-Insider) was hosted by Antonietta Collins and detailed the TFS picks for AFC favorite (New England) and AFC sleeper (Pittsburgh).

Red-flag NFL draft prospects

This TFS ESPN Insider article examines some key statistics of a few highly rated NFL prospects, including Jadeveon Clowney and Bradley Roby.