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The 2020 Fantasy Football Draft Kit is being added to the Paydirt section

August 05, 2020

The 2020 Fantasy Football Draft Kit is being added to the Paydirt section

I have been writing draft guides since the 2004 season and have long wanted to put together a companion periodical to assist fantasy managers with elements not covered in the draft guides. The advent of the Paydirt service allowed this to happen and led to the creation of The Football Scientist 2020 Fantasy Football Draft Kit.

I have been working on this Draft Kit for the past couple of weeks with the idea that it would be an Adobe PDF document distributed via email in conjunction with the 2020 Draft Guide. That mindset worked for the portion of the Draft Kit that covers general tips and strategies, but I also wanted the Draft Kit to have season specific tips and strategies to help fantasy managers navigate the unique roster elements of each fantasy football campaign.

That season-centric approach would fit well as a relatively static PDF in a normal year, but given the volume of personnel changes that could happen between today and a potential season kickoff a month from now, it made much more sense to craft this year’s Draft Kit as a living document in the Paydirt service. That will allow for much quicker adjustments as players are added or subtracted from rosters.

The first Draft Kit post covering my two rules of thumb for fantasy football talent acquisition has been posted. More Draft Kit posts will be added soon.