Introducing Paydirt, the new subscription service from The Football Scientist!


2020 Paydirt Gold subscription

The Paydirt Gold subscription offers everything a fantasy manager needs to be fully prepared for fantasy drafts, waiver picks, and start-sit selections.

The subscription includes all of the following content that is available exclusively to Paydirt subscribers:

  • 2020 PDF edition of The Football Scientist Draft Guide. This is the 17th edition of one of the most in-depth draft guides on the market today. The first 2020 edition will be available for download by Paydirt subscribers in mid-summer.
  • Updated PDF versions of the Draft Guide. The Draft Guide PDF will be fully updated every 7-10 days and these new versions will be available for download on the Paydirt subscriber section of this site.
  • 2020 TFS Fantasy Football Draft Kit. This new addition to the TFS fantasy system will serve as a central place for draft day strategies and information for Paydirt subscribers. It will be released at the same time as the 2020 TFS Draft Guide.
  • Offseason/preseason fantasy football chats with KC Joyner. By popular demand, KC is bringing back the chats he used to do for ESPN for many years. Paydirt subscribers will be able to talk directly with KC via these exclusive Paydirt chats.
  • Offseason/preseason fantasy articles. KC will write fantasy football articles throughout the offseason and preseason for Paydirt subscribers. These will cover a wide variety of topics, including rankings analysis, draft strategies for all manner of league types, upside candidates, percentage plays, and more.

Paydirt Silver and Gold subscribers will have exclusive access to the following:

  • In-season waiver wire rankings charts. Every Tuesday morning, KC will send out a waiver wire rankings chart to Paydirt subscribers that sorts that week's waiver options by priority level and roster percentage.
  • In-season waiver wire rankings articles. Every Tuesday morning, KC will send out a waiver wire rankings article to Paydirt subscribers that details the pros and/or cons of the top picks in that week's waiver chart.
  • In-season waiver wire chat room on Tuesdays. Paydirt subscribers will be able to talk about that week's waiver wire picks with KC via a Paydirt exclusive chat.
  • In-season Start-Sit rankings charts. Every Thursday morning during the NFL season, KC will send out his comprehensive Start-Sit rankings for the upcoming week's NFL games to Paydirt Gold subscribers. These include KC's overall/upside/downside rankings for QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs, and D/STs in non-PPR and PPR (both 1/2 point and full point) environments, as well as weighted flex rankings, and detailed matchup metrics. Every Sunday morning these rankings are updated for the injury and personnel adjustments that happen between Thursday morning and Sunday morning.

Paydirt Gold subscribers will have exclusive access to the following:

  • In-season Start-Sit articles. These articles will cover start-sit questions, trade options, player performance guidelines, and more with the insights that come with KC's nearly two decades of covering fantasy football.
  • Unique TFS metrics. As part of the 2020 Start-Sit Service, KC will be including a list of unique TFS metrics exclusively available to Paydirt Gold subscribers. These metrics will provide valuable insights for start-sit and trade questions, as they will clarify existing performance trends and help identify future performance trends.
  • In-season Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning Start-Sit chats. Paydirt Gold subscribers will have exclusive access to twice weekly start-sit chats with KC. The first of these will happen on Thursday afternoon as a lead up to the Thursday night football game kickoff. The second will start on Sunday morning, as KC will review all manner of start-sit questions in the run up to the early game kickoffs on Sunday afternoon.