Paydirt, the fantasy football subscription service from The Football Scientist!


2023 Paydirt Silver subscription


The Paydirt Silver subscription offers everything a fantasy manager needs to be fully prepared for fantasy drafts, waiver picks, and start-sit selections.

The subscription includes all of the following:

  • The Football Scientist 2023 Fantasy Football Draft Guide (PDF version). This is the 20th edition of one of the most in-depth draft guides on the market today. The first version of the Draft Guide will be available for download by Paydirt subscribers in mid-summer. There will be updated versions of the Draft Guide sent out every 7-10 days after the initial release.
  • Subscriber exclusive Paydirt fantasy football chats. Paydirt subscribers will be able to talk directly with KC via subscriber exclusive chats on the Paydirt Discord chat server. The Tuesday afternoon chats will cover waiver picks, while the Thursday evening and Sunday morning chats will discuss start-sit questions.
  • Paydirt Bronze email newsletter. Every Tuesday morning, KC will send out the Paydirt Bronze newsletter that includes the waiver wire rankings charts and an article detailing the pros and/or cons of the top picks in that week's waiver chart.
  • Weekly start-sit rankings charts. Every Thursday morning during the NFL season, KC will send out his comprehensive start-sit rankings for the upcoming week's NFL games. These include KC's overall/upside/downside rankings for QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs, and D/STs in non-PPR and PPR (both 1/2 point and full point) environments, as well as weighted flex rankings and matchup metrics. Every Sunday morning these rankings are updated for the injury and personnel adjustments that occurred between Thursday morning and Sunday morning.