2019 TFS Fantasy Football START-SIT Service (1/3 season discount)


With the season now 1/3 of the way complete, the Start-Sit service is now over 33% off the full season price!

The TFS Fantasy Football Start-Sit service provides in-season updates to the matchup charts from the TFS 2019 Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

The constantly changing landscape of the NFL has an incredible amount of impact on fantasy player values. The best way to keep up with how those moves impact those fantasy values is via the weekly charts that are available through the TFS fantasy Start-Sit service.

These charts will use the upside/downside player grading methodology detailed in the 2019 TFS Fantasy Football Draft Guide. This methodology is based on in-season tape reviews, statistical analysis, scouting notes, and matchup analysis to determine which players have the highest ceilings, lowest floors, and best overall value.

The Start-Sit service also provides an Excel spreadsheet that shows matchup grades for QBs, WRs, RBs, and TEs for the rest of the season. This insight can prove to be highly beneficial in deciding which players to trade away or trade for and when is the best time to make those trades.

The Start-Sit recommendations are updated twice a week. The early charts (which are sent out on Thursday morning) contain all of the updates along with preliminary injury note listings.

The second set of charts are sent out on Sunday morning and are revised to include the late week injury updates that are often a better indicator of who is and isn’t going to play that weekend.

Put it all together and it means you will receive an incredible volume of information for just over $2 per week!