Draft Guide sample and FAQs

This sample from the 2015 version of the Draft Guide has the introduction section that details the methodologies used to determine player values. It also includes a player write-up (Demaryius Thomas), one page of the 96 matchup charts pages, tight end cheat sheets both in standard and PPR formats (with auction values listed for each) and one of the 60 pages detailing 2014 player and team metrics. 

The sample can be downloaded via this link: https://delivery.shopifyapps.com/-/e7a82b9ab3021c17/5ced55bdca638f78

A number of additional questions have been frequently asked, so it's time for an FAQ section.

FAQ #1 - When will the Draft Guide be available?

The expected delivery date for the Draft Guide is mid-July 2016. That could move in either direction, so updates will be provided here on this site and via the TFS Twitter and Facebook feeds.

FAQ #2 - Can the Draft Guide be downloaded into iBooks?

The Guide is in PDF format, so it can be downloaded into iBooks. Just follow these instructions - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202075.

FAQ #3 - Is there an easy way to navigate the Draft Guide in iBooks?

There sure is. The PDF document has bookmarks built in that contain shortcuts to reach different sections of the Draft Guide.

FAQ #4 - Will the Excel charts used in the cheat sheets and matchup charts in the Draft Guide be made available to customers?

They sure will. A link to the charts is sent out with each update.

FAQ #5 - How often is the Draft Guide updated?

Usually every 7-10 days after publication.

FAQ #6 - How are the updated versions sent out?

Via an email that contains a link to download the updated version. 

FAQ #7 - Are the charts in the Draft Guide updated throughout the season?

They are updated via the Start-Sit service. Subscribers receive these updates every Thursday and Sunday morning during the season.

FAQ #8 - Are print copies of the Draft Guide available?

Unfortunately the combination of the high cost of color printing and decreasing demand for print versions have led to print versions no longer being made available.