The Method


Since 2004, The Football Scientist Fantasy Football Draft Guide has used the latest in analytical football methods to successfully predict many of the biggest fantasy football performances of the past nine seasons.

Brandon Stokely, Javon Walker, Antonio Gates, Tom Brady, Roddy White, Chris Johnson, Hakeem Nicks, Matt Forte and Josh Gordon are only a few of the high-impact players that previous editions of this Guide had rated much higher than most other guides.

One of the keys to success in this industry is to never rest on past laurels, however, and this year’s Guide aims to exceed its predecessors by combining many of the successful aspects of those earlier Guides.

First among these are the week-by-week matchup ratings for wide receivers, quarterbacks, tight ends and team defense. These color-coded ratings give fantasy team owners a roadmap to determine how many weak and strong matchups each player is due to face during the 2014 season. This year’s Guide will also feature the popular metric reviews indicating how a receiver performed when facing different levels of competition.

The running back recommendations will once again be based on the unique TFS running game metrics. For the 2014 Guide, these numbers will once again be used in a manner to help discern not only who are the most productive backs in favorable situations, but also to determine the relative strengths of the rushing defenses each back is due to face.

This approach means that there will be color-coded running back matchup grades in both the Draft Guide and weekly start-sit service (see below).

The guide will also be updated throughout the preseason to reflect personnel changes, injuries, etc.

Add all of these metrics to the in-depth player reviews, cheat sheets and draft strategy recommendations and it equals a plethora of information that simply cannot be found anywhere else!



The information doesn’t stop with the Draft Guide. Matchups are constantly changing around the NFL and the best way to keep up with how those moves impact fantasy value is via the weekly updated matchup charts that are available through the TFS Fantasy Start-Sit service. These updates are based on in-season tape reviews and scouting notes. This means each week you will have access to the latest passing game depth charts as well as revised player grades. These are invaluable in helping isolate those players that are truly on hot/cold streaks and those whose increased value is likely based on a statistical/situational anomaly.

The Start-Sit Service also includes color-coded matchup grading for running backs as well as start-sit recommendations on every wide receiver, quarterback, tight end, running back and special teams/defense during every week of the season.

The early version of the starts-sit charts (which come out on Thursday with the exception of Thanksgiving week when they are released on Wednesday) contains all of the updates along with preliminary injury note listings. A revised set of charts is sent out on Sunday morning and includes the late week injury updates that are often a better indicator of who is and isn’t going to play that weekend. Put it all together and it means you will receive an incredible volume of information for just over $2 per week!