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Exciting changes for the 2021 season!!

April 09, 2021

Exciting changes for the 2021 season!!

Hello again! With 2021 already trending to be a vast improvement over 2020, I'm beyond fired up for the prospects for the upcoming fantasy football season.

With that positive mindset in place, I'm thrilled to announce a couple of major changes that are being made to the 2021 Paydirt subscription packages.

Paydirt Discord chat channel. This is a vast upgrade over last season's chats that were held directly on the TFS website, as the Discord system is designed for just this type of discussion.

The Paydirt fantasy football chats will start in the preseason (dates and times TBD) and then will be held on a tri-weekly basis during the 2021 campaign. There will be a Tuesday afternoon chat to discuss waivers, a chat in the run up to the Thursday night games to talk about start-sits or other lineup questions, and Sunday morning chats to review start-sit options following the 11:30 AM injury updates. These chats will be exclusive to Paydirt subscribers and will be accessible only through a private Discord channel.

Expansion of the Paydirt newsletters. Feedback from 2020 TFS subscribers indicated a strong preference to receive articles and charts via the Paydirt newsletters rather than via posts on the site, so this season will feature an expansion of these newsletters.

The Paydirt Bronze newsletter contains weekly waiver wire charts and articles that will be sent out to all Paydirt subscribers via email on Tuesday mornings during the season. The Paydirt Bronze newsletter will also give subscribers a heads up on upcoming chats, interviews, or any other TFS information that could prove useful for Paydirt subscribers.

The Paydirt Gold newsletter offers expanded coverage exclusively available to Paydirt Gold subscribers.

The most popular element in the 2020 Paydirt Gold newsletter was the rest of season schedule strength analysis that was sent out starting in the middle of the 2020 campaign. That element will now be sent out every week starting in Week 1 and will be expanded to include even more ways to detail schedule strengths and weaknesses.

Some Paydirt Gold subscribers also requested additional information on the highest upside plays on the board each week, so the Gold newsletter will include charts and articles highlighting that information on a weekly basis.

With the NFL draft right around the corner and training camps only a few months away, it won't be long until we're once again having a blast playing fantasy football!