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Matthew Berry (a.k.a. The Talented Mr. Roto), ESPN's Senior Fantasy Analyst

"I've known KC Joyner for a long time and every time we speak, I always learn something new. I also think that dude must have no life. You'll think the same things after reading his draft guide."

Michael Smith, host, Numbers Never Lie

"Simply put, I swear by KC Joyner's work. During football season his writing is often integral to the production of our show, Numbers Never Lie. And when it comes to drafting and managing my fantasy football team, well, let's just say I owe him big time for helping deliver my first championship this past season. The info his draft guide provides is like having the answers to the test."

Matt Williamson, NFL Scout for

"KC Joyner has a bright and innovative mind. He isn't afraid to challenge the "norm" and will stand by his convictions. He is truly one of the very best in this business."

June 22, 2005 story by Dr. Z of Sports Illustrated on Scientific Football 2005 - This is the article where Dr. Z touted Scientific Football 2005 in part by saying, "I've never seen such a complete look at this phase of the game [the passing game]."

Greg Tammany, Draft Guide reader and Start-Sit service subscriber since 2005:

"In my search for different fantasy football research strategies that would take me to the next level, I decided I needed more of an individual position (WR) vs. position (CB) ranking. Dr. Z's endorsement of your book convinced me to take a chance on your service. Since then, I have either won titles or been in championship contention every year.

The best aspect of the information is the individual wide receiver and tight end rankings and how they apply to each week's match-ups. Having that data means I don't have to do that type of ranking research now. I buy your service, read your guide and integrate your grades into my top 200/300 and draft. With the week-to-week rankings via the Start-Sit service, I am able to watch the players I didn't select in the draft and keep them in mind for trades and late waiver pickups.

This process is a staple of my preseason and in-season research and it regularly puts my team two to three weeks ahead of my competition. Being ahead of the curve in this manner means a) I don't have to make as many roster moves, b) I have guys on my roster earlier and c) it is easier to put together a roster for the playoff stretch run.

Another plus is there is open communication from you. If for some reason the information is going to be late, you don't compromise and put out crap. You tell us the problem and when to expect your golden nuggets of information that give me the edge.

The thing that stands out the most is I know you watch a huge amount of film and update your rankings though the year. With the amount of research I receive, based on the amount of time it took you to put it together, I could never replicate the process and therefore will continue to use your services in the future."