June 27, 2016


Dr. Z week at the MMQB

Peter King is hosting a Dr. Z week on the MMQB site. He gives an update on Paul and his wife Linda and shares some excerpts from some of Z's great stories. Most importantly, there is a GoFundMe link to help Paul and Linda out in their time of need.

On Friday, July 1, Dr. Z week will include a story about the influence he had on my career, both professionally (I wouldn't have a career without Dr. Z's article on Scientific Football 2005) and personally (he gave me some terrific career advice). It was an honor to contribute to this project and I hope it pays proper tribute to Dr. Z.

Always draft handcuff running backs

This TFS ESPN Insider article details why it is always a good idea to draft a handcuff running back, regardless of how good or bad the lead RB in question is.
July 28, 2015

The 2015 TFS Draft Guide is now complete!

Good news! The 2015 TFS Draft Guide is now complete! This version of the Draft Guide contains matchup reviews, detailed player write-ups, cheat sheets, a slew of metrics and newly added color-coded charting in the player and team write-up sections. The color coding is turning out to be an especially useful addition, as it is now much easier to quickly identify a prospect's metric strengths and weaknesses at a glance.

Pre-order pricing for the Draft Guide and Start-Sit service will stay in effect until Wednesday, July 29, so be sure to order today to save $5.

Football season is just around the corner - can't wait!!


March 19, 2015

2015 TFS Fantasy Football update

Hello again! With all that has happened so far via free agency, it has been quite an interesting offseason.

I am plugging away at the research for the 2015 TFS Draft Guide and thought it might be a good time to pass along a quick update on this year's material.

This year's Guide will feature expanded run metrics that will review situational as well as overall rushing performance.

The Guide will also have color-coded sections in the player write-ups. These color-coded elements should make it easier to quickly judge a player's performance in a metric.

The only downside to the color-coded additions is printed versions of the Draft Guide will no longer be available as an order add-on (color printing costs are simply too high to continue offering this).

Early-bird pre-order pricing for the Draft Guide, Start-Sit service and combination packages (which include the Draft Guide and Start-Sit service at a discounted price) is now available. These items can be found on the Draft Guide order page, which is The site's order process has also been streamlined to make navigating that section even smoother.

Thanks again for all of your support!

KC Joyner

TFS May 29, 2014 ESPN SportsNation chat

This TFS ESPN SportsNation chat saw the chatters having a lot of fun finding interesting ways to ask a wide variety of questions.
May 28, 2014


Chicago Bears could ride Jay Cutler's breakthrough to the playoffs

This TFS ESPN Insider article examines how Marc Trestman helped Jay Cutler cut down on his bad decisions and why the Chicago Bears may have the top passing attack in the NFC North in 2014.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish's chances of making playoff

This TFS ESPN Insider article examines the Notre Dame Fighting Irish's chances of making the inaugural 2014 college football playoff.
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